Dear Aspiring Mother,

  • Are you receiving cycle monitoring at a clinic but still unsure about correctly timing insemination or intercourse?
  • Have you been charting your BBT, checking for cervical mucus and using ovulation predictor kits but unclear how to interpret what you’re seeing or what it means about your fertile health?
  • Are you confused about how to pinpoint potential health issues that might be reducing your chances of conceiving (such as a thyroid condition, recurrent yeast infections, or ovulatory dysfunction?)
  • Do you suspect a luteal phase defect which would prevent an embryo from implanting in your womb after ovulation?
  • Do you want a deeper understanding of fertile cervical mucus versus non-peak mucus so you can maximize your chances of conceiving when you ovulate?
  • Are you unsatisfied with the diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’ and want to take a closer look at what’s happening inside your body (like inflammation) so you can heal the underlying imbalance?
  • Have you tried all kinds of holistic fertility interventions like cutting out dairy, getting acupuncture, taking herbs etc. but not sure if anything is actually helping?

If so, you're not alone.

I've personally coached hundreds of women like yourself. Women who are either newly trying to conceive and not sure how to identify their fertile times accurately, or women who have been through the gamut of medical-based fertility interventions but still don't have the answers they are seeking.

Here's the problem: We're not taught how to get pregnant. From an early age, sex education focuses on how not to get pregnant. And because of this, we assume that if we want to get pregnant, it will just happen. Unfortunately, the lack of education we receive from school and from our female relatives prevents us from understanding how our fertility works. When you combine this lack of sharing of feminine wisdom in our culture with the myriad stresses that women's bodies are exposed to in modern society (diminishing food quality, use of hormonal contraceptives, environmental toxins, work and technological stress, etc.), the result is that getting pregnant has become far more challenging than it was ever meant to be. I should know. I masked ten years of menstrual irregularities by taking the birth control pill, and then was somehow surprised to discover that when I came off the pill those issues not only reemerged but impeded my fertility. If only I had known then what I know now, I could have saved myself months of frustration and disappointment.

My relationship to my fertility and my reproductive health all changed when I discovered the hidden feminine wisdom of fertility awareness. Specifically, I learned how to chart my menstrual cycles with incredible accuracy using the Justisse Method of Fertility Management. Through learning the method, I not only discovered how to pinpoint ovulation, decode the meaning of my cervical mucus, and manage my fertility, but I discovered how to eliminate menstrual cramps, identify (and then "cure") a hidden thyroid issue, and discover and eliminate subtle food allergies that were altering my mucus quality.

Since becoming a trained Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner through Justisse Healthworks, I have educated and counseled hundreds of women to successfully use the Justisse Method, including women who had been told they could not conceive (but did!). In fact, I had a client who was nearly forty and had had several failed rounds of IUI and IVF performed, but after receiving education in the Justisse Method she conceived in her very first month of charting! 

Because I know how much easier my life and my conception journey would have been if I had learned these skills earlier, I am deeply passionate about sharing the magic of fertility awareness with women. That's why I am pleased to offer a home study course which enables women from around the world to receive the core teachings of the Red Tent Sisters' Signature Fertility System from the comfort of their own homes. In this four-part homestudy course you will receive the instruction you need to start tracking your fertility with precision and confidence. 

Introducing Conception Strategy Secrets

Here's What you can Expect


Class #1: Making Sense of Your Fertility

In this 40 minute audio Amy will help you to understand:

  • How your anatomy and physiology work together to create a baby
  • How your brain triggers your body to develop a follicle that will be ready for ovulation
  • How estrogen triggers the production of fertile cervical mucus
  • The role of progesterone in developing a healthy uterine living
  • How you can use basal body temperature (BBT) to monitor adequate progesterone levels for implantation to occur

Why this matters:

In order to understand where your body's fertility might be breaking down, it's essential to understand how the whole system works together. For example, you might think something is wrong with your cervix if it's not producing enough fertile cervical mucus when it fact the underlying problem might be you're not producing enough estrogen (and that can be addressed through diet). This idea expands to other problems like high FSH, low ovarian reserve, a short luteal phase, implantation issues, an over abundance of cervical mucus, and yeast infections.


Class #2: Investigating the State of Your Fertile Health

In this 40 minute audio Amy will show you how to monitor your fertility with the highest level of accuracy available in menstrual cycle charting. The skills and habits that we will cover are:

  • The 30-second wiping technique
  • Mucus checking frequency (less than 5 minutes a day)
  • How to identify fertile cervical mucus in order to time intercourse or insemination for conception 
  • How to get the most out of your BBT readings
  • What the position and texture of your cervix can tell you about your fertility

Why this matters:

In less than five minutes a day you will gather enough data in one cycle for Amy to help uncover your hidden fertility challenges (depending on your imbalance this could take up to three cycles). For example, you might have an over abundance of cervical mucus, a short luteal phase, thyroid issues, recurring yeast infections, or an acidic vagina that is hostile to sperm and all of this can be discovered through your detailed menstrual chart. 


Class #3: Decoding Your Personal Fertility Profile

In this 40 minute audio, Amy will help you to decode your daily fertility observations so you can clearly see what is happening on your menstrual cycle chart. This will enable you to turn those observations into a diagnostic picture helping you to identify these key fertility events. 

  • Your peak day of fertile mucus
  • How many days are in your follicular phase and your luteal phase, and on what day you ovulate
  • When in your cycle conception is most likely to occur
  • Establishing your baseline temperature and when your BBT shifts signalling ovulation has occurred
  • How long sperm can survive in your vagina based on your pH balance
  • The optimal luteal phase length for your cycle and how to ensure sufficient uterine lining for implantation

Why this matters:

It's really important that we have a complete picture of exactly what's happening in your body in order for you to conceive. For example, sperm are not actually capable of fertilizing a woman’s egg at the time of ejaculation. So you may be having sex when you're ovulating, but if there is no fertile cervical mucus the sperm will die within thirty minutes. That's why you need to time intercourse (or insemination) with the best quality mucus, not with ovulation. It won't matter if you ovulate even four days later so long as you're timing intercourse with peak mucus the sperm will survive until you ovulate. Otherwise, you'll keep missing your fertile window.


Class #4: Maximize Your Chances Of Conception And Watch Your Body Heal 

In this 40 minute audio, Amy will help you identify exactly which days you should be timing conception or insemination. She'll also help you see the powerful signs that your body is healing and becoming more fertile:

  • Begin to reverse chronic inflammation, low thyroid function, sleep deprivation and other conditions you've been living with for years
  • When you make changes like cutting-out gluten, taking a new supplement, or body work such as acupuncture get immediate feedback from your charts
  • As you see that things are improving you'll be motivated to stay on track
  • If you have high FSH or low AMH the good news is you can expect positive changes within three cycles which directly affects egg quality
  • With every month you stay committed to the path, you are not only increasing your chances of conceiving, you are reducing your likelihood of acquiring serious diseases down the road

Why this matters:

It can be frustrating to make a bunch of changes, like give up your favourite foods, pay for extra appointments, track your cycle diligently, and not see results. Often the impact of healthy choices is subtle and gradual. It's easy to assume that nothing is working unless you can monitor the changes. That's what menstrual cycle charting will help you do. 

"You have two other pre-conception programs. How do I know if this program is right for me?"

This is our introductory conception planning/fertility program, meaning it is also our lowest priced program and is included in both the Baby-Making Kick-Start Package and the Fertile Ground program.  It is ideal for those who:

  • Are just starting out on their fertility journey OR
  • Have been struggling to get pregnant for a while and feel they need to better understand the underlying mechanisms of their fertility and hormones
  • Have regular, fairly predictable cycles
  • Learn well from a lecture-style format
  • Are currently working with a Naturopathic Doctor or other holistic health practitioner who can help you interpret your charts and address any abnormalities

You should consider upgrading to the Baby-Making Kick-Start Program or the Fertility Management Secrets program if you:

  • Have a history of menstrual irregularities
  • Have recently come off hormonal birth control
  • Learn better from one-on-one contact
  • Have tried  to conceive for a few months without success
  • Don't currently have a holistic health practitioner as part of your health care team

"Can I return it if I don't like it?

If you are not 100% thrilled with the content you receive, just let our team know within 90 days of purchase and we will provide a 100% credit towards any future service or course.

Please rest assured that this online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received, you'll get an electronic receipt right away. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact our team.


"Great! Sounds like what I need. How do I buy?"


Download your instructional audios now!

You will need to get the following Justisse tools separately (they are not included):

  • Access to the online Justisse App
  • BBT Thermometer
  • A digital version of the Justisse Manual through Amazon OR a subscription payment to the online app (includes digital access to the manual)