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Scared your period will be heavier? That your cramps will be worse? That your skin will break out? What to expect when you ditch hormonal birth control. Coming off the pill can be scary. If you’re like us, you were put on it not just for birth control, but also to “manage” other hormonal issues which means there’s the [...] Read more

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Natural, effective birth control does exist! These methods won’t mess with your hormones (so you’ll keep your libido, fertility, and sanity intact). When it comes to choosing birth control, there’s no “perfect” solution (we wish there was!) Most methods have at least one drawback – whether it’s that [...] Read more

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The response to “can a long-distance relationship work?” is often a resounding “NO!” But studies suggest these types of relationships are becoming more and more common, and the sisters believe that if you get a little creative, plan ahead, and adjust your expectations, separation doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Amy’s hubby has been in England [...] Read more


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