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Red Tent Sisters accepts applications for school-based internship placements.. Students of various colleges and institutes who are required to complete a certain number of hours of internship before receipt of their degree or certification are welcome to apply for an internship with Red Tent Sisters. Internship length is typically pre-determined by the relevant educational body.

Work-Exchange Mentorships

Those who have already completed a training program in Holistic Nutrition, Holistic Reproductive Health, or a related field are welcome to apply for a work-exchange mentorship. Work-exchange mentorships are typically six months in duration. During that time, mentees contribute their services to Red Tent Sisters in exchange for business development mentorship and instruction. Applicants who apply under this category should be clear about their learning objectives.

Paid Positions

We are not currently accepting applications for paid positions at Red Tent Sisters. If you are a self-employed service provider with a skill set that you believe would be relevant to our population, we encourage you to contact us or apply for a work-exchange mentorship. Although completing a work-exchange mentorship with Red Tent Sisters is neither a guarantee nor a pre-requisite of securing paid work with us, it is an excellent way to explore possible collaborations and gauge professional compatibility.