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Here we've compiled our most common questions and answers, with links to further reading and resources where appropriate. If you don't see your question listed here, please feel free to email us at thesisters @

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We recommend you choose the highest level of program that you can afford. Graduates of our Fertility Management Secrets program have the highest level of success with achieving their contraceptive and health goals, followed by the Eco-Contraception program and then the Green Your Birth Control program.

Which birth control program should I choose?


While you can learn the basics of charting from a book, a book cannot help you interpret your charts, nor can it ensure that you have applied the teachings correctly. That's why our programs have a strong focus on personal follow-up. In addition, the Justisse Method has a unique colour coded system that makes chart interpretation easier. For these two reasons, people who learn to chart using the Justisse Method tend to gain confidence and proficiency more quickly.

How are your programs different than learning to chart from a book like Taking Charge Of Your Fertility?


Why do you encourage people to go off the pill?

We definitely acknowledge that the birth control pill can be an invaluable resource for some, but our own experience has taught us that it is not always the healthiest option. We have an ebook that explains Amy's personal story of why she chose to come off the pill and provides more reasons and details as to why we don't use hormonal birth control. You can download a free copy of that ebook, Five Reasons to Ditch the Pill, here.


Yes! It can be a tricky transition, so we have lots of resources to support you on your journey. We created a video explaining what to expect when coming off the pill, which you can see here. We also offer Coming Off the Pill Detox, a new program specifically designed to help with this process. 

I'd like to transition off of hormonal birth control. Do you have any tips for doing so?


Luckily, there are several. We have written about this topic here, and we also discuss it in a video format here. The one form of birth control that we teach here at Red Tent Sisters is the Justisse method, which you can learn more about here.

What are some reliable, non-hormonal forms of birth control?



We recommend coming off of hormonal birth control for at least a few months before you begin studying the Justisse method, as the hormones can confuse our body's signals and make them unreliable. Once you are ready to begin, we offer several programs for helping you with this transition, at differing levels of intensity. You can see a program comparison at the bottom of this page, or peruse our Natural Contraception programs here

How can I start using the Justisse Method of Fertility Management?






Can my partner(s) be involved in the birth control programs you offer?

Partners of all genders are welcomed and encouraged to attend private consults to review charting and birth control guidelines. Charting confidence and proficiency is greatly enhanced by partner support. However, in order to create a safe space for sharing, group Q and A calls and our Facebook forum are open to menstruators enrolled in the program only.


Yes! While the normal menstrual cycle parameters that one would be charting don't exist when on hormonal contraception (e.g., ovulatory and fertile signs which are suppressed), the core skills and habits can be learned while on the pill. This enables time to gain confidence with the techniques and habits involved in charting before  coming to rely on it as your primary form of contraception. Most people find that after two or three cycles of charting on the pill, they feel confident enough in their skills to start charting a natural cycle.

Can I learn to chart my cycle while I'm still on the pill?


Every learner is different, but we typically recommend that you plan for at least three full menstrual cycles of charting before using it as your primary form of contraception. You may wish to abstain from vaginal sex during this time in order to solely focus on getting to know your body, or you may choose to use other methods of contraception during the learning phase such as condoms or cervical caps.

How long will it take me to learn the Justisse method and use it for birth control?


Yes. While the Justisse Method works best when it is applied as a sympto-thermal approach (meaning combining cervical mucus observations and daily temperature readings, it still works very effectively with mucus alone. You can also add cervical checks to your daily routine in order to enhance the efficacy of the method. This is particularly recommended for those who are charting while breastfeeding.

My sleep schedule is erratic so I can't take my temperature at the same time every day. Can I still use the Justisse method?



Absolutely! The Justisse Method is designed to work regardless of how regular your cycles are. In fact, tracking your fertile signs with the Justisse Method will help you to anticipate when your period is coming and also help identify underlying causes that may be contributing to your cycle irregularity.

My periods are irregular. Is the Justisse method still an option for me?



It's hard to answer that question until we see what a typical cycle looks like for you. In an average, healthy, 28-day cycle there are typically 7-8 potentially fertile days. However, some people may produce fertile mucus for more of less days of the cycle. Your overall health will greater determine the number of days you will need to abstain.

How many days will I have to abstain from intercourse if I use the Justisse method?



Yes! In perfect use it is 99.4% effective, and according to one large-scale study, it is 98.6% effective in typical use. To learn about the difference between perfect use and typical use when it comes to contraception, and to learn more about the study and how it was conducted, please check out our blog post entitled "How Effective is Fertility Awareness?"

Is FAM really over 99% effective?



Amy's husband is a medical researcher, so we know all too well how misleading statistics can be. As a small business, we don't treat enough people in a year for our results to be statistically significant, which is why we choose not to publish them. Our rates vary from year to year based on the complexity of the cases we get and the level of commitment that our clients bring to the process. What we can tell you is that among our clients who have fully committed to the process with us - that is, they are fully prepared for the hard work involved in changing their lifestyle and diet in order to obtain their goal of having a family, we are extremely proud of our success rates. In our experience, the clients who do not achieve their conception goals are typically the clients who resist complying with our recommendations. 

What is your fertility success rate?


I've had multiple miscarriages. Can you help me?

Yes. While there are multiple reasons for miscarriage, a common reason is chronic inflammation which is one of the areas we excel at addressing with our clients. For support in reducing the risk of recurrent miscarriage, we would encourage you to register for our Fertile Ground program. If finances are a concern we can also help you in our Baby-Making Kick-Start Package. However addressing inflammation usually takes 3-6 months so we recommend enrolling in our longer program if you can.


I'm working with a fertility clinic. Can I still enrol in one of your fertility programs?

While you are welcome to enrol in any of our programs concurrently while working with a fertility clinic, please note that you may find the goals and approaches come into conflict at times. Ideally we recommend enroling in one of our programs before seeking assistance at a fertility clinic (since in many cases it will save you time, stress and money) or during a break from working with a fertility clinic. While the focus of most fertility clinics is on achieving conception despite your body's resistance (usually through medical stimulation) our work focuses on uncovering the root cause of your body's resistance we can support your long-term health. It is our goal not only to help you conceive, but to support you in sustaining a healthy pregnancy, having a positive, empowering birth experience, and thriving as a parent so you can enjoy your child for decades to come.


Since the focus of our programs is on your holistic health, rather than simply on the single act of conception, the components of our program are easily adapted to support the pregnancy and even postpartum phases of care. We will work with you to adapt the remaining components of your program to suit your needs.

What happens if I get pregnant part-way into a fertility program?

menstrual health

Absolutely. We have first-hand personal experience with overcoming dysmenorrhea and have helped many clients do the same. In our experience menstrual pain is usually associated with inflammation, nutrient deficiencies and/or hormonal imbalances. These are addressed in our Hormonal Tune-Up and Fertility Management Secrets programs.

I have debilitating menstrual pain. Can you help me?



We sure do! Kim teaches two courses on the topic: Confidence Building Secrets for pleasuring him and for pleasuring her

Do you have any tips for developing confidence in the bedroom?


You can see our personal favourite toys here and here. We also have a few video gift guides which you can watch here.

What sex toys do you recommend?


Our Libido Lift program is specifically designed to address libido concerns. You can also check out this blog post on libido tips, or download our free guide to libido-boosting foods.

I'm struggling with low libido. What do you recommend?




We have several favourite brands! Check out our video on this topic right here.

Can you recommend a brand of condoms?


At Red Tent Sisters we believe in teaching what we know best. In our case, because we are a small business and deliver nearly all of our services ourselves, our programs and teachings reflect our personal experiences as cisgender heterosexual women. Over time, as our business grows and we bring on additional practitioners, that will change to reflect the evolving expertise of our team.

In addition, a large percentage of our business is devoted to the topic of birth control, an issue that affects people who have a uterus who have penetrative sex that could result in pregnancy. Statistically speaking, this is predominantly (but not exclusively) cisgender women who have sex with cisgender men.

Why are your programs so focused on heterosexual couples?








Many of our programs were created a number of years ago, before we had a lot of awareness about how to be trans affirming. However, we are updating one program per month in an effort to have all of them revamped by the end of 2017. So far we have completed Green Your Birth Control and Conception Strategy Secrets. If you are interested in a particular program, please reach out and we'll let you know when it is scheduled to be updated.

Are your programs trans inclusive/trans affirming?



In 2016 we began changing the language in our writing to be more inclusive by referring to “menstruators” instead of women. We are gradually working our way through our blog archives to make edits and updates to the language of past posts too. Our goal is to complete that project by December 2017 (our hope is to complete it sooner but there are a lot of articles to go through). We have two volunteers from the LGBTQ community who are currently working with us on this project to provide feedback. Unfortunately our YouTube videos are not as easily changed, but we are committed to using more inclusive and affirming language going forward.

What efforts are you making to become more inclusive and affirming to people with diverse gender identities? 






We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all our home-study programs (Green Your Birth Control, Conception Strategy Secrets, Cycle Sense and Confidence-Building Secrets). All our other programs involve significant one-on-one time with our experienced team. For that reason there are no refunds on programs. However, if you have a life event or circumstance that prevents you from completing a program, we are happy to put it on hold until you are ready to return. We can also apply any remaining credit towards another program if your needs or fertility intentions change during the course of your work with us.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges on your programs?




Yes. All packages are shipping with tracking. We will provide you with a tracking number with two business days of placing your order or registering for a program.

Do you offer tracking for packages I order through your programs?


Within Canada, packages typically arrive within two to five business days. To the U.S.A. you should anticipate 7-10 days. Shipping rates outside of North America will vary by country of destination.

How quickly can I expect to receive my physical package?