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My Pill Story: Breastfeeding, Intuition and Fate

It was late 2005 and my midwife was asking me what I was planning to do about birth control. I was shocked by the question – something about a professional who brings babies into the world talking about contraception felt odd.

I had been on the pill for nearly ten years before conceiving our daughter Mattea.

Having struggled with debilitating menstrual pain in my mid-teens, my then doctor had prescribed me the pill before I was sexually active to help “regulate” my cycles.


Five Reasons To Come Off The Pill 2+ Years Before You Plan To Start A Family

Many of us spend years trying not to get pregnant, but what about when you do want to conceive? How does the pill affect your fertility?

If there's one piece of advice we wish we could give women who plan to have a baby one day, it would be to come off hormonal birth control two or more years before starting a family.

The pill can delay time to conception, which can be be incredibly emotionally distressing. It may also have implications for the health of your child (new research is exploring the possible connection between hormonal contraception and autism).

And in some cases, the health issues the pill causes or masks can take months or even years to reverse. This may be particularly concerning for women who are nearing the end of their reproductive years.


How To Choose The Best Birth Control Method For You

When it comes to birth control, it can be frustrating that there is no “magic bullet.”

Every method seems fraught with issues.

So in addition to having to cope with side effects, inconvenience and risks, we’re also tasked with making a decision that usually feels like we’re reaching for the option that sucks the least.

While it’s true there is no perfect birth control method, our choice becomes easier when we get clear on the ranking of our personal values.


Can The Pill Make You Depressed?

New research lends support to what we’ve suspected for nearly a decade... 

The pill is associated with higher rates of depression. 

This new study examined data from those aged 15-34 for several years. There were over a million women included, making it the first large-scale study to examine the issue of depression and hormonal contraception. 

It found there was a 70% increase in the rate of depression diagnosis for those on combined oral contraceptives relative to those who had never used hormonal contraception.


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