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Birth Control

Imagine if you didn't have to wait until you got your period to know you weren't pregnant? @RedTentSisters http://bit.ly/2gwdvHN

Effective, natural birth control...without the side effects. Ditch the pill with @RedTentSisters http://bit.ly/2gwdvHN

Want a birth control method that's 99.4% effective and has zero side effects? It's possible. Learn how: 


The sex ed class you never had, from @RedTentSisters: real, holistic & personalized for you. http://bit.ly/2giaxDM

Just like sex ed class, except this is fun, fact-based, and sex-positive. @RedTentSisters http://bit.ly/2giaxDM

Your sex life doesn't just take place between the sheets. Bring your wholehearted self to bed with @RedTentSisters http://bit.ly/2giaxDM

Menstrual Health

Do you hate that time of the month? It doesn't have to be this way. Heal your period naturally with @RedTentSisters http://bit.ly/2gieI2h

Believe it or not, not everyone experiences pain on their period. Learn how to heal your cycle with @RedTentSisters http://bit.ly/2gieI2h

Painful periods are never necessary, and popping pills for the pain is not actually normal. Heal your cycle: http://bit.ly/2gwdvHN


Take an empowered journey to motherhood, with @RedTentSisters. http://bit.ly/2gWrIuh

You are unique, and so is your path to motherhood. We believe in an empowered, holistic approach to fertility: http://bit.ly/2gWrIuh

When it comes to fertility, mindset matters. Take the holistic approach with @RedTentSisters http://bit.ly/2gWrIuh


Kim & Amy are the blood sisters behind Red Tent Sisters. Amy is passionate about teaching people how to manage their fertility naturally, and Kim loves to help women feel sexually empowered. They offer classesprivate coaching, a blog and a YouTube channel. They've been featured in every major Canadian news outlet, including The Globe & MailThe Toronto Star and Maclean's. In their spare time you can find them swimming in Silent Lake, hanging out at the Dufferin Grove Farmers' Market, or enjoying Soma chocolates in the Distillery District. For more on their philosophy and offerings check out their "About Us" video.


Kim & Amy Sedgwick are the Co-Founders of Red Tent Sisters, a business that has been providing holistic fertility, sexuality and contraceptive solutions since 2007. Amy is certified as a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner who specializes in helping women ditch the pill and adopt natural, effective birth control. Kim coaches women who are ready to begin claiming and communicating their erotic desires. Together they provide support to women worldwide through their online coursesYouTube videos, and social media channels, and are known for their professional yet candid “sisterly” advice.

Commission Rates

We offer programs related to four aspects of reproductive and sexual health:

  1. Birth Control
  2. Fertility
  3. Menstruation
  4. Sexuality

There are three "tiers" within each category with corresponding price points and commissions rates ranging from 15-50%. You'll receive a minimum of $48 and up to $272 per referral.

Introductory Programs

  • Pre-recorded and self-directed (do not include any private sessions)
  • 50% commission
  • E.g. Green Your Birth Control is $97 so you would receive $48 per referral.

Middle Tier Programs

  • Includes some one-on-one instruction and live group support.
  • 25% commission 
  • E.g. Eco-Contraception is $667 (we also have a payment plan of $127/6months) so you would receive $166 per referral

Top Tier Programs

  • Highest level of personalized, private support
  • 15% commission
  • E.g. Fertility Management Secrets is $1814 (we also have a payment plan of $231/month
    for 9 Months) so you would receive $272 per referral

OUr programs

Birth Control

We offer three programs for people who wish to adopt Fertility Awareness (FAM) as their method of birth control. Here's a five minute video that explains Justisse:

Please note that Justisse is not the same as the rhythm method! Check out this blog post to learn the difference.

We offer three birth control programs:

Green Your Birth Control: Pre-recorded audios. Only suitable for those with regular cycles. $97 (50% commission)

Eco-Contraception: 6-month signature birth control program. Private and group support. $667 (25% commission)

Fertility Management Secrets: 9-month program (ideal for those with irregular cycles). $1814 (15% commission)


We offer a holistic approach to fertility, including instruction on how to use Fertility Awareness to chart your cycles accurately, as well as nutrition and lifestyle support. Here's a five minute video that explains how to know when you're ovulating:

We recommend that clients come off hormonal birth control 2+ years before they plan to conceive. Check out this blog post to learn why.

We offer three fertility programs:

Conception Strategy Secrets: Pre-recorded audio instruction to the Justisse Method. $97 (50% commission)

Baby-Making Kickstart Program:  3-month pregnancy preparation program. $827 (25% commission)

Fertile Ground: 9-month interdisciplinary program for those struggling to conceive. (15% commission)


Despite living in a sex-saturated society, we believe honest conversations about sexual pleasure are far too rare. We're on a mission to change that! Below you'll find one of our popular instructional videos to give you a sense of our approach.

We offer three sexuality programs:

Confidence Building Secrets For Pleasuring Your Partner: Pre-recorded classes. $97 (50% commission) 

Libido Lift: Personalized "libido plan" and holistic nutrition consultation. $497 (25% commission)

Wholehearted Lover: Top tier coaching program with ongoing support. $697 (15% commission)

Menstrual Health

Amy used to suffer from debilitating menstrual cramps (there were days she literally could't get out of bed). Twenty years later, her periods are finally pain-free. Check out the video below to learn five ways to address menstrual pain, naturally.

Painful and/or irregular periods are your body's way of saying something is out of alignment. That's why believe in healing the underlying root cause of menstrual issues, not just the symptoms.

We offer three menstrual health programs:

Cycle Sense: Pre-recorded video introduction to the Justisse Method for body literacy. $147 (50% commission)

Hormonal Tune-Up: Customized diet and lifestyle support from a Holistic Nutritionist. $397 (25% commission)

Sacred Cycles: A year-long program of menstrual literacy and healing (private & group). $1997 (15% commission)


If you have a question about our programs or our philosophy at Red Tent Sisters, we suggest checking out our FAQ page. Have a question about our Ambassador program that's not answered above? Please send us a note and we'll be happy to help! Steph@redtentsisters.com (our Project Manager) or thesisters@redtentsisters.com

Thanks for supporting our work! 


Amy & Kim