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At Red Tent Sisters we pride ourselves on providing women with the tools you need to make informed choices about natural fertility, sexuality and birth control. Are you trying to get pregnant? Looking to buy your first (or next!) vibrator? Trying desperately to find a natural form of birth control that actually works? If so, you have come to the right place.


People & Businesses We Love!

Meghan Telpner, Nutritionista

With a slogan like this, it's hard NOT to love Meghan! As many of you know, we are keen believers that almost everything can be made better with a healthy diet - whether you're looking to improve your fertility, get rid of some nasty menstrual cramps, or boost your libido. Like us, Meghan came to her business through a personal experience and calling, and she has built an incredible business supporting people to make healthful, nutritious changes to their life, while having a oodles of fun in the process! We not only love to promote her products and services, but we're proud members of her "Superhero Posse!" You can find our ecosexy tips on her blog.


Great Reading!

A What Steam? An article in Whole Living about the ancient practice of vaginal steaming, a practice that is included as a part of fertility and reproductive health treatments here at Red Tent Sisters. Read the online version of the article at Whole Living, or a PDF of the original print article.

A What Steam? - Online article

A What Steam? - PDF of article


Making Sex Green: Give Your Body the Eco-Friendly Treatment An article in the Huffington Post about our business philosophy, and the importance of choosing green sex products and natural birth control.

Making Sex Green - Online article


The Hidden Wisdom of Fertility Awareness An article about the benefits of fertility awarness methods (FAM) - like the Justisse Method of Fertility Management taught at Red Tent Sisters - for managing birth control naturally and for achieving pregnancy when and if desired.

The Hidden Wisdom of Fertility Awareness - Online article

The Hidden Wisdom of Fertility Awareness - PDF of article





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