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At Red Tent Sisters we pride ourselves on providing women with the tools you need to make informed choices about natural fertility, sexuality and birth control. Are you trying to get pregnant? Looking to buy your first (or next!) vibrator? Trying desperately to find a natural form of birth control that actually works? If so, you have come to the right place.


Red Tent Sisters' Signature Programs


Conception Strategy Secrets This half day small group intensive will cover everything you need to know about tracking your cycle, identifying your fertile days, and optimizing your chances of conception. The live version of this program is now over, but To receive priority notification of the downloadable audio version of this program when it becomes available, pelase contact our client care sister, Emma, at clientcaresisteratredtentsistersdotcom.

Baby-Making Kick-Start Package This program, set to launch in June 2012, includes home study content, a private consultation, and lots of goodies to support your baby-making goals. To receive priority notification of the launch of this program, please contact our client care sister, Emma, at emmaatredtentsistersdotcom.

Fertile Ground: Private Three Month Fertility Optimization Program This three-month program provides intensive education, goal-setting, body work (including Arvigo massage) and lifestyle support for women trying to conceive or intending to conceive in the next six months. Enrollment for this program is currently closed. Please contact our client care sister, Emma, at clientcaresisteratredtentsistersdotcom to be placed on the waiting list for this program.

Conceive with Grace: Private 3-Month Intensive This unique program explores fertility as a spiritual and personal growth journey. Drawing on emerging wisdom in the fields of neurobiology, medical intuition, and the art of manifestation, this program provides intensive one-on-one support for women looking to empower themselves to write their own fertility story. Availability in this program is extremely limited.


Confidence Building Secrets for Pleasuring Him A six week e-course for women designed to increase your sexual confidence by providing you with expert techniques on everything from hand jobs to blow jobs to anal play. The program includes home study content, video demonstrations and more.

Confidence Building Secrets for Pleasuring Her The companion course to our "Pleasuring Him" e-class. A six week program designed to provide men with all the tips and secrets they were never taught in sex ed. class about how to give a woman absolute pleasure.


Five Fabulous Reasons to Ditch the Birth Control Pill & Reclaim your Health, Happiness & Future Fertility Considering coming off the pill? Curious about the short and long term health and environmental implications of hormonal contraceptives? Looking for safe, effective alternatives? Download your free report today.

Green Your Birth Control in 30 Days This course features over three hours of audios, a full Justisse kit, and transcripts of each audio. A great place to start for those coming off the pill, wishing to adopt an eco-friendly form of contraception, or simply looking for body-safe birth control. Ongoing support and professional coaching is strongly recommended.

Eco-Contraception: 12-Month Fertility Awareness Implementation & Support Program This program includes the audio instruction from Green Your Birth Control in 30 Days, as well as a 12 month implementation program with both group and private components. For more details, contact our client care sister, Emma, at emmaatredtentsistersdotcom.

Fertility Management Secrets of Divinely Empowered Women A small-group six month program run by teleclass, this program covers all eight steps of the Red Tent Sisters' Natural Birth Control Management System and includes live Q & A calls, individual coaching and a group forum. Members will be able to manage their birth control naturally by the end of the program. The group includes bonus content and guest lectures. Course begins September 2012. Enrollment begins mid-summer. To be placed on a priority notifcation list for this program, please contact our client care sister, Emma, at clientcaresisteratredtentsistersdotcom.




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