Conceive with Grace

Dear mother-to-be,

Are you...Amy Sedgwick

  • tired of feeling like a failure every month?
  • saddened by what this journey is doing to your sense of faith and joy in life?
  • frustrated with the constant stress of not knowing why this is happening to you?
  • sick of all the charting, measuring and testing you have subjected your body to?
  • heartbroken by the effect "timed insemination" has had on your relationship with your partner?
  • feeling guilty about the rage and hurt you feel every time you see or hear about another woman getting pregnant?
  • feeling frustrated because you have no idea how you are going to get pregnant, despite knowing with absolute certainty in your heart that you are meant to be a mother?
  • desperately searching for the hidden meaning in all this?
  • secretly longing for an approach to conception that feels loving, empowering, and graceful?

If so, you're not alone. I've worked privately with over 100 women who are trying to conceive and one of the questions I am most often asked is...

"Why is this happening to me?"

For a long time I would nod sympathetically when women asked me this question, but would have no answer.

Until recently. After helping another one of my clients conceive, and reflecting back on my own fertility journey, I realized something powerful...

The healing we do on these journeys prepares us to become the kind of parent we are meant to be.

Eight years ago when I came off hormonal birth control and first started trying to conceive I was not only experiencing monthly disappointment, I was experiencing debilitating menstrual pain and erratic cycles. One day as I lay in bed in agonizing pain, I asked my body - "Why are you doing this to me... what are you trying to tell me?" And to my surprise, my uterus came forth with an answer almost immediately.

"You hate being a woman."

"What?!" I responded. "That's not true!" Then I lay there and it came to me... it was true.

I reflected on this for a while, thinking back on all the moments in my life when I had either wanted to be a boy/man or thought someone else had wanted me to. There were a lot. I vowed right then to work towards releasing this pain and thought pattern. That month I conceived my daughter. Some might see that as a coincidence. I did not.

Daisy growing through concrete

After five years of coaching, educating and giving body treatments to women with fertility challenges, what I have discovered is that inevitably they all have one thing in common... their wombs have a message of healing for them that has to be heard. When it is heard, when it is acknowledged, motherhood comes. And the amazing thing is that it doesn't require perfect healing. It simply requires acknowledgement and a commitment to the process of healing.

What I now know to be true is that...

For some women, fertility struggles are a divine calling.

By stepping into this calling you empower yourself to be the kind of parent we need in this world - a spirit-driven parent who will foster dreams and knows the power of our thoughts to create a better future.

Hands holding lavedar


I want to help you do this in a different way.

This program is for you if:

  • You have been trying to conceive for 9 months or more
  • You are determined to conceive naturally, OR you are willing to postpone assisted reproduction for 2-3 months
  • You are willing to stop timed intercourse or insemination for at least one cycle
  • You intuitively suspect that you have the power to conceive naturally given the right support and spiritual guidance

If you wish to learn more about how I can help you conceive with grace, I encourage you to apply for one of five monthly NO COST Conceive with Grace Strategy Sessions.

"Yes, Amy. I would like to explore how I can transform my fertility story. Please consider me for a NO COST Conceive with Grace Breakthrough Session."


Fertile blessings,


P.S. Applying for one of these Conceive with Grace breakthrough sessions in no way obligates you to register for one of my programs. During this session I will help you uncover any hidden obstacles to conceiving and identify strategies to move you forward.

P.P.S. I know first-hand that we all hold within us the power to change our lives. If you could benefit from the support of someone who believes in you, and your ability to manifest your dreams, I invite you to apply.