Are you recently off the pill, thinking of coming off the pill, or wondering if you should consider coming off the pill? Then you're in the right place!

Hormonal contraception can give our bodies a bit of a beating  (for more info on this check out our free report, 5 Reasons to Ditch the Pill), which is why we've created a brand new program for January 2016 - the Coming Off The Pill Detox. We created it with you in mind - to support your body in recovering and thriving after hormonal contraception.

Why do we need to detoxify from the pill? Well, all that excess estrogen in your body can lead to breast cancer, for one. For another, new research is exploring the ways in which the pill and other toxins may relate to epigenetics and the health of our offspring and even our offspring's offspring. Plus, wouldn't it be nice to know that your body is happy and functioning the way it is supposed to, instead of being all bogged down by a backlog of toxic soup?! We think so!

If you do too, we hope you'll check out our video and consider registering for our 28-day hormonal detox.



What is the Coming Off The Pill Detox?

The Coming Off The Pill Detox is a 28-day online program to support your body's natural detoxification processes - particularly those involved in excreting synthetic hormones like those from the birth control pill. Every day, we will send you an email with a detox tip. There is a private Facebook group where you can share your experiences, questions and tips with fellow detoxers.

The detoxification tips will be grouped into four weekly themes:

  1. Healing the gut (to ensure proper elimination of hormones through your poop!)
  2. Supporting the liver (your body's primary organ of hormonal detoxification)
  3. Lifestyle choices for healthy, happy hormones (including fostering a healthy libido and avoiding mood swings)
  4. Nutrient replenishment (to support those depleted by the pill - like B complex and vitamin C)

I'm interested in coming off the pill, but I need reliable birth control. What are my options?

We get it, the pill is a super-effective, easy birth control method. Everything else seems to be either inconvenient or have much lower efficacy (or both!). For a list of non-hormonal birth control options click here. You may also wish to watch our video on the Justisse Method of Fertility Management, an all-natural 99% effective form of birth control.

I've been off hormonal birth control for over a year, is this program still useful for me?

Absolutely! There is little evidence to show how long it generally takes for a woman to detoxify from the pill, but we do know that clinically we often see impacts for months or even years after discontinuation. Also, the very same pathways that help you to detoxify from the pill will also help you to detoxify from other xenoestrogens like those found in plastics, body products, and household cleaning products. The principles we will introduce are also great for supporting overall hormonal health and should reduce symptoms of hormone-related imbalance such as acne, mood swings, low libido, and fatigue.

I'm not quite ready to ditch the pill, but I'm interested in learning how to support my health. Can I still participate?

You bet! Taking this program while you're still on the pill will reduce the negative side effects of the pill and also prepare you for a smoother transition if and when you choose to come off of hormonal contraceptives.

Cool, so what's included?

  • 28 daily emails describing a principle of detoxification with a simple tip or habit to add into your day
  • Closed, private Facebook community to share your journey and ask questions
  • A unique group hashtag so you can share your progress and successes on Instagram and Twitter with fellow program participants.


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