Kim Sedgwick

Welcome, and congrats on taking the first step towards becoming a more confident lover! I always say the best thing you can do to improve your sex life is to have an open mind, so the fact you’re considering taking my e-class, Confidence Building Secrets for Pleasuring Her, means you’re already well on your way.


What is the Confidence Building Secrets for Pleasuring Her Program?

The Confidence Building Secrets program is designed to offer men the sex education they never got. Us women are complicated creatures and there’s a lot of misinformation out there (for example, did you know the majority of the clitoris is actually internal?) so it’s no wonder most men are left feeling a little confused. Sex education in school teaches you how to avoid pregnancy and STIs but ignores the pleasure aspect of sex entirely - you’re never taught how to find her g-spot or the best intercourse positions. That’s where this course comes in. Confidence Building Secrets for Pleasuring Her is full of easy-to-follow instructions that will have you feeling excited to try new techniques and expand your bedroom repertoire.


So, What's Included?

The course is designed to take six weeks. When you register you'll receive all six emails which each include a video, comprehensive tip sheet, references and suggested homework.

The course will cover the steps you need to drastically enhance your sexual confidence and have you excited to explore new forms of pleasure.

  1. Introduction: In our first week together I’ll provide an overview of the course along with my philosophy on sex. I’ll also include an anatomy review (I promise it will be way more fun than what you got in school!)
  2. Manual Stimulation: Week two will include a step-by-step guide to pleasuring your partner using only your hands.
  3. Oral Sex: The third week will include detailed instructions on how to give phenomenal cunnilingus.
  4. Vaginal Intercourse: In the fourth week I’ll share the best positions for intercourse – how to stimulate her clitoris, hit her g-spot and provide a fuller, deeper sensation.
  5. Anal play: In the fifth class I’ll share why women are often reluctant to explore anal stimulation and provide tips on how you can offer a completely different experience.
  6. Toys and props: In our final week together I’ll cover how to introduce vibrators into your repertoire (trust me, toys are your friend!) as well as tips for using props from around the house.

Confidence Building Secrets for Pleasuring HER $97