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You're probably familiar with the concept of affiliates, but here at Red Tent Sisters we like to do things a little differently. 

Over the years we've heard from lots of folks, "I love Red Tent Sisters! I tell all my friends about you guys." Creating an ambassador program felt like a fitting way to share our appreciation for all the cheerleading that was happening organically. 

If you're a fan of our work and it's something you would rave about regardless of any financial compensation, we invite you to become an Ambassador by filling out the form below.

We look forward to collaborating!


Amy & Kim

Here's how it works:

We offer programs related to four aspects of reproductive and sexual health: Birth Control, Fertility, Menstruation and Sexuality

There are three different kinds of programs within each category, with corresponding price points and commission rates ranging from 15-50%. With each purchase someone makes through one of your ambassador links, you'll receive a minimum of $48 and up to $272 per referral. 

Learn more about the three types of programs below:

+ Introductory Programs: 50% commission
These programs are pre-recorded and self-directed, and do not include any private sessions. E.g. Green Your Birth Control is $97 so you would receive $48 per referral.

+ Middle Tier Programs: 25% commission
These programs include some one-on-one instruction and live group support. E.g. Eco-Contraception is $667 so you would receive $166 per referral.

+ Top Tier Programs: 15% commission
Highest level of personalized, private support. E.g. Fertility Management Secrets is $1814 so you would receive $272 per referral.

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